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Breaking The Zero-Sum Bias

The NON-ZERO Ethereum-based platform is a revolution of the broker-client relationship in the CFD trading industry. NON-ZERO allows brokers to redistribute warehousing net revenues back to their loss-making clients, rebalancing the relationship and building a community ecosystem.

About Non-Zero
Non-Zero is a true revolution in the way retail Forex brokers interact with their clients, because it creates a win-win situation where previously it was a zero-sum win-lose.
In the FX Retail Brokerage industry, revenues have two main sources:
  • Spreads and Commissions
  • Principal (warehousing)
The warehousing component is necessarily a zero-sum outcome in favour of either the broker or the client. Non-Zero Token (NZO) rebalances this relationship to a true Non-Zero paradigm.
The foreign exchange market is the deepest and most liquid market in the world, with daily trading volumes averaging around USD 5 Trillion.

Internet-based brokers opened the market to retail investors, resulting in a boom in retail FX trading over the last two decades. However, low industry barriers to entry resulted in a proliferation of competitors, rapid growth and undereducation of clients.
The Non-Zero token reward system solves this problem, by allowing industry participants to redistribute broker warehousing net revenues to loss-making traders:
  • Brokers get a more sustainable and loyal client base
  • Traders are rewarded for their engagement and interest in the market
Non-Zero has significantly invested in the engineering, development and build of the NZO token platform, utilizing industry-leading blockchain developers, cryptographers and security auditors.
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What is Non-Zero?

Non-Zero is a loyalty and reward platform designed for retail Brokers in the FX industry.

It allows you as a broker to achieve higher trading volumes and gain market share.

This powerful marketing tool uses blockchain technology to give you a competitive advantage over non-adopting brokers who have been using outdated marketing tools over the past decade such as educational webinars, bonuses and higher leverage; and allows you to give traders the best attraction, compensation for losses.

How does it work?

Analyzing and breaking down a broker revenue over a certain period, we find that most of a broker’s revenue comes from spreads and commissions while a smaller percentage of it (20-25%) comes from the PL of unhedged positions. Brokers carry such trades on their balance sheets to guarantee best and fastest execution of client orders.

This portion of a broker’s revenue is inconsistent and unpredictable. Whenever it is positive, the broker can use it to purchase the Non-Zero NZO token, reward clients who have had trading losses and contributed to that portion of the revenue. A trader who made losses and was rewarded loyalty tokens has a high probability of re-depositing these tokens or of using them as collateral in trading to continue the relationship with the broker. This will result in higher spreads and commissions for brokers while reducing downside risk for traders.

Benefit for brokers:

Brokers do not only gain from more spreads and commissions. Adopting brokers will attract clients of other brokers who do not offer this compensation and might even expand the total market share by attracting clients who have not traded before and were afraid of the downside risk of trading.

Once the token is live, clients will have access to many benefits from the network and services from several industries, such as exclusive offers from financial services firms and data providers.

We truly believe in Non-Zero, the message, the added value and the ethic… if you’d like to be part of the success, get in touch with us. We will be generous with first 5 adopting brokers because they will be the innovators, the leaders, the game changers who kick start the platform.

Stakeholder Benefits
Minimize downside risk while avoiding potential conflict of interest
Adopting Brokers
Differentiate the client acquisition approach
Token Owners
Participate in disrupting the forex industry
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Ziad AbouJeb
Ziad Aboujeb is a Co-Founder of 180 Capital Holding. He supervises the overall affairs of the group, in particular that of its sub ...
Karim Farra
Karim Farra is a Co-Founder of 180 Capital Holding. He supervises the overall affairs of the group, in particular that of its subs ...
Hazem Farra
Hazem Farra is a Non-Executive Board Member of 180 Capital Holding. He provides independent oversight for the overall affairs of t ...
Marwan Alameddine
Marwan Alameddine is the Chief Technology Officer at Centroid Solutions. He oversees software architecture, trading platform devel ...
Dunya Hammoud
Business Development
Dunya Hammoud is the Business Development officer at Non-Zero. She has 4 years of experience in FX brokerage operations, reporting ...
Nikhil Kenia
Nikhil is the treasury and finance manager at Non-Zero. Nikhil has 7 years of experience in consolidating and analyzing financial ...
Pavlo Pelekh
Specialties: Business Development, Company Management, Entrepreneurship
Languages:C/C++, Objective-C/C++, AWK, Shell, Pytho ...
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Mohamad Haj Mohamad
Mohamad Haj Mohamad is a Senior Software Engineer at Centroid Solutions. He leads the development process of Financial Markets Agg ...
Zubair Mansoor
Risk Management
Zubair Mansoor is a Senior Development Engineer at Centroid Solutions. Zubair has over 11 years of experience in real-time trading ...
Vitalius Parubochyy
Vitalius is a savvy data architect. He specializes in Blockchain Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science. Vitalius i ...
Khaled Al-Saeed
Risk Management
Khaled Al-Saeed is a Senior Software Engineer at Centroid Solutions. Prior to that, he was the Head of System Development at Amana ...
Dr. Demetrios Zamboglou
Capital Markets
Demetrios is a multi-award winning executive and academic financial market specialist, holding a Fellow Charter Membership from th ...
Professor Nadim Kobeissi
Nadim's diverse experience in designing and deploying real-world cryptographic systems in the public and private sector combines b ...
Hadi Kabalan
Hadi is an expert in Blockchain. Previously he has worked with governments, regulators and central banks on building blockchain co ...
Elisha John
Elisha is an operations manager and marketing strategist at BlockConnectors. He has consulted for multiply token generation events ...
Nuri Fattah
Cyber Security
Entrepreneur, with a Masters Degree in Cyber Security, and a wealth of experience in blockchain technology. Having started his own ...
Ong Jun Hao
Founder of BlockConnectors.io - Consulted for more than 20 Initial Token Offering (ITO) - Token Sale. Helped grow various groups l ...
Marc Raffard
Marc is a FX Trading Expert. In 2008, he joined FXCM in Paris, then in London, OANDA and FIXI, and finally JFD Brokers where he pe ...
Zaki Soubra
Financial Markets
An experienced finance professional passionate about digital cryptographic currencies and blockchain technology. An entrepreneur h ...
Amana Capital a leading brokerage in the UK, Continental Europe and the Middle East and an affiliate of Non-Zero, is the first adopting broker. Amana Capital (amanacapital.com), a member of 180 Capital, is a specialist in online trading. It provides institutional and retail clients around the world, direct access to the global financial markets. Amana Capital comprises four main entities: Amana Financial Services-UK, Amana Financial Services (Dubai) Limited, Amana Capital Ltd., Amana Capital SAL-Lebanon. It also includes the educational portal TradeCaptain.com.
Centroid Solutions combines real time analytics, sophisticated risk management, and state of the art technology with extensive deep industry knowledge and experience to improve risk-adjusted performance and strengthen sustainability for brokers.

Centroid Solutions’ groundbreaking real time risk management and reporting software identifies and separates brokers’ commission and spread revenue from warehousing revenue and creates a distribution model for the allocation of NZO reward tokens, enabling loss-making clients to share in any warehousing profits the broker has earned from them, thus making the relationship Non-Zero-sum.

Centroid Solutions has deployed software in over 30 clients. At least one large broker is expected to adopt the Non-Zero reward system upon public release, with several expected to follow.
Centroid Products
Centroid 24
Centroid 24 is a real-time market-risk management and reporting software for brokers. Centroid 24 is not a trading platform but complements the various trading software, mainly MT4 and MT5.
Centroid’s regulatory reporting is a fully automated EMIR & MiFIR reporting directly to Centroid’s repository partners.
Centroid’s analytics connectivity bridge is designed to handle thousands of trades per second. The low latency plug-in connects the Meta Trader platform with Centroid 24, the risk management solution, and any of the main liquidity aggregators (or any single liquidity provider).
Centroid’s proprietary engine is designed to simulate revenue scenarios driven by the broker’s choice of different factors, applied to filter trades for running a B-Book. The outcome of the scenarios will be highly dependent on the broker’s tolerance for risk.
Development Roadmap